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[ Monday, August 17, 2015 ]

Bike Seat discipline

Over this past weekend I discovered a new, and very effective, manner in which to increase the discomfort of a punishment spanking and I thought I would share.  On Friday afternoon, a special young lady in my life acted in a manner that required an immediate and very intense punishment.  This was for something that has been a constant source of problems for her, and something that we have dealt with on many occasions before.  THIS was the day in which I had to punish her in a manner with the intention of extinguishing the behavior permanently.  I try not to get too detailed when it comes to the private discipline in my life, but I will say that her bottom was completely worn out and my heavy wooden hairbrush, belt, and wooden paddle.

This punishment led to her bottom being as bruised and sore as she has ever experienced in her life and that is saying quite a bit for this young lady.  As you would expect, while her entire bottom was properly punished, I spent a considerable amount of time on the “sit spot”, as I wanted this lesson to stay with her for several days and needed her attention focused on the issue every time she tried to sit.  Being that this was a very real punishment, for extraordinary offenses, I contemplated following up the next morning with another session with my brush.  I know how effective a punishment, on a recently bruised bottom can be, and I felt strongly that a single spanking was not going to be enough to do the trick.

On Saturday morning, while I was making my morning tea in the kitchen, I made her present her bottom to me for an inspection of my work.  With her pj’s around her ankles, in the middle of my kitchen, I had her grab her ankles so I could see how much progress we had made. Now, I am someone who is quite used to seeing a bruised bottom, but I have to admit I was a little surprised as to the results.  Her entire bottom showed the results of the belt, more so on the right cheek, but it was clear that I had done a good job, with visible bruises covering almost her entire bottom.  With the intensity that I used the heavy wooden brush, I was really limited to the lowest part of her bottom.  As the goal was as much long term soreness as possible, I was layering the swats with the brush on the exact same two spots on her bottom.  It was clear at the time of the spanking that by only hitting these two spots that she went numb pretty quickly.  At one point she almost completely gave up any amount of struggle, which is a clear indication that her endorphins were flying into action.  I see those moments as opportunities to work toward the long term goal of maximum soreness and simply continued spanking those two spots knowing that this was an investment in her future good behavior.  But I was quite surprised as to how very effective it turned out to be as the two spots on her lower butt cheeks were as bruised as I have ever seen the next morning.  Not only were these two spots bruised, they were still very swollen and quite hard to the touch.  As I ran my fingers over these two spots she winced and was clearly in a lot more pain than she had experienced the night before.

With the thought of taking her back over my knee for another session with the brush still on my mind, after seeing how completely sensitive and sore that she was, I decided to capitalize on her current soreness in a different manner than another spanking.  So we started our morning with tea on my deck, which meant that she would start her day sitting on the hard wrought iron patio chairs. When she sat down, after having asked if she could stand instead, it became abundantly clear that she was experiencing a level of soreness that was more intense than she had ever felt before.  She squirmed in her seat for the duration of our tea and I decided at that point, that for the purposes of making sure that this was a lesson that she would never forget, we would have an entire day based on providing painful sensations to her bruised and sore bottom.  As I contemplated how to best achieve this, I was struck with an idea that could not be any more perfect for this lesson.

After completing our morning routine, I told her to go and change for a day in the woods.  She came out of the bedroom in a cute pair of athletic shorts, her hiking shoes, and a tank top.  I went and changed, and as I came out of the bedroom, and she saw that I was wearing my mountain biking shorts, you could see the panic begin to set in.  I did not address the issue and instead went to the garage to begin putting our mountain bikes on the rack on my truck.  I filled our water bottles and we headed out, still without her addressing what was clearly on her mind.  On the drive to one of my favorite trails, we drove in silence, as I know she was contemplating exactly how this was going to go.  Our bikes are light and fast, with very minimal padding on the seats, and there is no doubt that this was going to be an experience that she would never forget.  We arrived at the trailhead and I unloaded the bikes from the truck.  She still had a bit of a panicked look on her face, which was further increased as she watched me lock the rear suspension on her bike.  I wanted her to feel each and every bump on this rocky trail, so rear suspension would not be required.  Before we mounted our bikes and headed out, I told her that while standing for the uphill sections was obviously required as it gets steep in spots, that she would spend 100% of her time on the flats and downhill sections, sitting fully on her seat.  I made her lead so I could make sure that she did not stand the whole time and then the punishment began.

The trail is a 12 mile loop, about 1/3 on a forest road with the rest being rough single track.  While it is not a very technically difficult trail, it is as bumpy as it gets with rocks embedded into a large portion of the route.  From the moment her bruised bottom touched the seat, I could tell that very real learning was taking place.  Even with my full suspension, this was wearing my ass out a little, but for her it was as bad as the spanking the night before.  A bike seat tends to put all of the pressure onto two very specific areas of one’s bottom, and those happen to be the exact spots that were as sore as they possibly could be for her at that moment. I could tell by her movements and body language, as she road ahead of me, that this was an intense struggle for her.  I watched as she negotiated some of the rougher downhill sections, trying her best to stay seated, but not fully being able to do so, as the pain was just far too intense.  I found that this was far better than simply spanking her sore bottom again that morning, as she now had 12 miles to fully reflect on the behavior that she engaged in that lead to her bottom feeling this way in the first place. As I watched her, more and more often, lift her bottom off the seat during the flats and downhill sections, I knew that this had to be addressed.  After all, this was her punishment, it was well earned, and by standing when she should be sitting and fully embracing her discipline, she was diluting the overall effectiveness of the lesson.

When we reached what we have always called “break rock” which is a great spot with amazing views at the top of the hardest climb, we hopped off of our bikes for a much needed break.  I made her sit on the rock, as she clearly wanted to stand at this point.  We drank water and each sucked down a power gel and soaked in the views.  Well, I soaked in the views while she suffered as she tried to find a way to sit on a boulder with a sore bottom.  I told her that she was cheating on the downhill and flats, and clearly that had to be addressed.  I gave her my multi-tool and told her to go into the woods and cut a switch, so we could take care of this problem on the spot.  I was a surprised as she teared up a little, but took the tool and headed into the woods.  Normally, I might start to feel a little bad for her in a situation such as this, but the offense we were dealing with warranted each and everything that I was doing.  If I did not see this completely to the end, then it would be MY fault if this behavior ever occurred again.  I was bound and determined to see this one through and make sure to get the desired results.  A couple of minutes later she emerged from the woods with three different switches in her hand.  I inspected all three, chose the best two, and told her to get to cleaning them.  She spent the next several minutes pulling the various small branches and leaves off of them, and then cleaning up the sharp edges using the knife on the tool.

With two perfect switches, we marched 100 yards or so away from the trail, to get to work.  Her shorts and panties were dropped, and with her feet together, she bent over and grabbed her ankles.  I then spent the next few minutes properly striping her bottom and thighs until both switches were as worn out as her bottom.  When the desired results were achieved, we headed back to the bikes and continued our ride.  For the duration of the ride, and for even a portion of the remaining climbs, her bottom was firmly planted on the saddle. It did indeed take a little reminder, but she eventually went along with the program and fully embraced the punishment ride.  There were some extra tears on a few spots on the ride, but they were well deserved.

Unfortunately for her, when the ride was over, the punishment was not.  We headed to our favorite mountain watering hole, and as you would expect, my decision as to where we would sit was based fully on discomfort.  I went with the tall wooden bar stools on the patio, which had no padding and were tall enough that her feet did not reach the ground.  As we enjoyed an adult beverage, I made sure that her feet hung down, not allowing her to put them on the crossbars on the stool legs.  This forced all of the weight of her upper body onto her sore bottom, and the lesson that was still being learned was very clear on her face. She was also very self-conscious about her recently striped legs, which still showed the thin welts from her switching.  The fact that her legs were striped was not my concern, as this was simply a fact of life from a well-earned switching.

The rest of our day went pretty much the same way.  I went out of my way to make each and every moment of the day something that would add additional discomfort to her poor bottom.  Remember, part of being good disciplinarians is the willingness to go above and beyond to make a punishment memorable and effective.  My entire purpose was to make sure that this behavior was never again to be repeated.  We finished our evening with a Redbox DVD rental, on my super comfortable home theater seating, that is after I cut a piece of plywood to perfectly fit her seat. 

Posted by Michael Masterson on 08/17 at 11:26 AM
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[ Monday, July 20, 2015 ]

School paddling on security video

Posted by Michael Masterson on 07/20 at 10:28 AM

[ Friday, July 17, 2015 ]

Bruised bottom in private and on camera

If you have spent any time at all on this blog you probably know how I feel about a spanking resulting in a sore bottom.  I have found over the years that as a result of my feelings that any spanking should result in a very sore bottom, that people either love the videos I produce or find them far too severe for their tastes.  I understand this, as not everyone engages in spanking activities, as a means of punishment.  For many, spanking is a playful, loving, and highly sexual thing that is often just a fun means of foreplay.  I will not fault anyone for these feelings, as spanking means different things to different people.  But for me, even though there is indeed a sexual element, there is never anything at all sexual about the spankings that I administer on or off camera.

spanking picture

For me, spankings will always be about punishment and discipline.  The most important parts of the spankings for me is the pain that they feel during the spanking, but even more importantly, the pain that they feel afterwards.  A sore bottom really is the learning tool when it comes to a proper punishment.  When I apply a serious disciplinary spanking in my private life, it rarely lasts more than five minutes.  When we are dealing with serious behavior issues, five minutes is hardly enough time to really teach a proper lesson.  That is why a sore bottom is so very important.  I do not want, after a five minute punishment, for it all to just be over in the mind of the naughty girl.  I want her to have a frequent reminder of her behavior for several days.  The only way to accomplish this is to make sure that she was spanked in a manner that leaves her bruised and sore.

spanking picture

Many people think that a spanking that creates bruises is abusive.  I would argue that the only way to actually create a change in behavior is to create a very sore bottom. We have to be honest in that a pink bottom does not hurt very much five minutes after the spanking is over.  As someone who has some experience on the receiving end, I can tell you that five minutes after a spanking in which a bottom is only left pink, it kind of feels good.  There is a tingly sensation, which spreads to your naughty regions, and leads to a much heightened sexual state.  Does that sound like an experience that someone learns from?  Of course not! What it does is promote bad behavior so they can feel that wonderful sensation again.  But for many people, spanking is more of a game than an actual disciplinary process.

Within the relationships that I have had, beyond just being someone’s disciplinarian, but actually being in a romantic relationship in which some aspect of domestic discipline was utilized, I think in those cases the young ladies were quite surprised at how it turned out.  They sought me out as I have an online presence and they see me as being able to provide something that they have always been searching for.  A few of those relationships eventually turned romantic, which led to a couple that practice domestic discipline on a regular basis.  I think that in their minds they were going to enter this world in which they were held accountable for their actions and at the same time their spanking fantasies would be fulfilled.  The surprising part for them was how little they were actually spanked.  The reason that there was so little spanking is that when they actually got in trouble, they were not just spanked, they were properly punished. 

spanking picture

For many, spanking fantasies revolve around getting in trouble, getting lectured, having to bare their bottom, and assuming a position to be spanked.  There is the idea of a strong man, who cares enough to take the time to discipline her, while providing love and comfort at the same time.  Rarely in someone’s fantasies do they process how much potential a spanking has to actually hurt.  Yes, they see themselves crying in these fantasies, but the reality of how that actually comes about is somewhat diluted in their minds.  They might picture a childhood spanking, with a strict but loving father, in which they are over his knee for a couple of minutes warming their bottom.  But these are grown women, with a desire to be spanked, that actually want a realistic punishment that is suitable for the behavior they have engaged in.  The reason that they sought me out in the first place is that I believe in administering a spanking for disciplinary purposes.

spanking picture

I take this role very seriously and each and every time I give a disciplinary spanking in my private life, it is with the expressed goal and purpose to make her never want to ever feel this again.  This might seem a little counter-intuitive when it comes to a spanking relationship.  For most couples, both parties to a certain degree look forward to the next spanking that is going to take place.  This leads to her getting a little bratty, or making little “mistakes” on purpose, so she can get her bottom warmed.  But I see things much differently.  I am not quick to spank for just any little thing.  There are ample warnings, undesirable behavior is clearly defined, and there is very little room for misinterpreting rules and expectations. But when the time comes, that a spanking is required, it is going to be an event that she does not want repeated anytime soon. 

spanking picture

The reason it will not be repeated anytime soon is because of where I started this post…pain and long term soreness.  From the very first swat, she is going to not only regret her behavior, she is going to wish that this never happened in the first place.  Her spanking fantasies go right out the window when I begin just as hard as I am going to end.  I am not giving her some sort of silly warm-up, what purpose would that actually serve?  I know that she likes to be spanked on some level, but this is an actual punishment, not role-play, so I am going to punish her.  I am going to do nothing at all to feed her fantasies, instead I am going to provide her bottom with far more pain than she can handle and make her regret the decisions or actions that led her here in the first place.

spanking picture

I am also going to do this is such a way that when it is over, it is really just beginning.  There will be lots of tears, there will be forgiveness, and I will comfort her when all is said and done.  But I know that if I did my job properly, her lesson is just starting.  I cared enough to make sure that her bottom was black and blue when I was done.  Remember, this is not role playing, this is not foreplay, this is real life discipline for real offenses.  These are offenses that we agreed she should be disciplined for.  The purpose of this discipline was to decrease or eliminate this behavior all together.  If I have just provided her with a spanking that she would want to receive again because it was sexy or made her all wet, then I failed.  One of the ways I make sure that I achieve success in this area is to make sure her bottom not only hurts when she sits, but is unbearable.  I want every second of the next few days to be all about her sore bottom.  I do not want her to be able to put it in the back of her mind and dismiss it.  Every time she takes a step, tries to sit, or even lay in bed at night, I want her focus to be on her sore bottom.  More importantly, as she sits on a hard wooden chair the next day, and her eyes fill with tears again, I want her focus to be on why her bottom is that sore.  Many may call it cruel, mean, or even abusive, I prefer to call it learning, an appropriate lesson, and progress.

I take the time to do the job properly, in a manner designed to achieve results.  I was not fulfilling her spanking fantasy; I was providing much needed discipline.  You would be very surprised at how well this actually works.  Yes, I am talking about a relationship that was formed as a result of a mutual desire/need for spanking, a woman who actively sought me out as a result of the type of spankings that I can provide.  But the reality of it all, once she found herself receiving a very real spanking, she was in no hurry to repeat it.  Certainly behavior is as good as it gets for several days after her last spanking.  My policy is that no previous spanking will affect the next one, only behavior influences when a spanking takes place.  When it is almost too painful to sit, behavior becomes perfect for fear of what my paddle would feel like on that sore of a bottom.  The progress really is made as a result of the sore bottom.  There might be parts of the spanking that feed the very core of her fantasies, but spending days with a completely bruised bottom is not fun or sexy at all. More importantly, she will go out of her way to make sure that she does not feel that way anytime soon.  So there have been many young ladies that have come to me to fulfill all of their spanking fantasies, only to realize that they would rather behave and work on achieving goals in their lives.  Their lives become a big contradiction as they fantasize about nothing more than being spanked, yet they rise to the occasion to make sure they do not end up having their bottoms bruised.

spanking picture

While the models in my videos, for the most part, have not done anything to earn a proper punishment spanking, it is still what they are signing up for.  The whole concept of my sites was to present spanking as it actually exists in the real world for discipline.  This basically leaves us with parental spanking, school corporal punishment, judicial punishment, and to a lesser extent domestic discipline.  In all of these instances, spanking is used as a punishment.  There are no warm-ups in parental spankings or school corporal punishment, and that certainly is also not the case with judicial punishment.  The goal of all of those spanking is to tear up the offender’s butt in such a way that they will no longer act that way.  This is what I try to provide in my videos.  Yes, concessions have to be made to account for the fact that this is a paid model, with very real limits.  She has not actually done anything wrong and does not fully deserve what she is about to receive.  But I believe very strongly that a real and proper spanking ends with a bruised and sore bottom.

spanking picture

My videos have achieved a lot of popularity as a result of the fact that the spankings are administered in a realistic manner. They in no way compare to the type of discipline I administer in private, but I do the best I can while still trying respect our model’s limits.  This is not to say that limits are not pushed and expanded, as every model eventually ends up taking some pretty serious spankings.  Many are quite surprised at how far they were really able to come.  Because I feel so strongly that a real spanking results in a very sore bottom, that is the reality of our videos.  It might happen over the course of a few different spankings scenes in one afternoon, but when all is said and done, these young ladies leave sitting gingerly for a few days.  The whole point is that the spankings are very real and very real spankings result in bruised bottoms.  Many models show up in skin tight jeans, but have learned over time to have a nice pair of baggy sweatpants to change into when they leave, as their sore and swollen bottoms no longer want to squeeze into those tight pants.

spanking picture

I often follow up with our models, especially after a fairly intense scene, and there is no doubt that these spankings results in long term discomfort.  On the average, most models still display the results of their spanking for at least three days. Pretty much every shoot now includes a school paddling scene, which always leaves fairly long lasting bruises.  It seems pretty typical that their bottoms are sore enough that sitting hurts the next day. We are not talking the same amount of discomfort as a private spanking with me, but they are certainly more than aware of their previous spanking.  I have had models in the past; take the next day off from their desk jobs as they knew that eight hours in a chair was not an option for them at the moment.  There is one current model, who has a very professional job, and I know she gets off on “her little secret”.  She just loves the fact that she is sitting there, in a professional work environment, barely able to hold still because her butt is so sore.  She loves that her bottom is black and blue and that only she knows.  She has told me that she checks her bottom each and every time she uses the bathroom at work, and just loves the marks.  Now, if I was only single, I could actually give her the real spanking that she deserves, one that makes it difficult to sit on at work, but it would be one that she would never again want to have repeated.

All animations used in this post come from scenes filmed in our new studio, in 2015, from the member’s area of

Posted by Michael Masterson on 07/17 at 11:16 AM

Realspankings Network Pay-Per-Views

We have put in a lot of time recently editing some of our very best work and putting it in a PPV format.  I have personally indexed some of our best new scenes and grouped them into very specific categories for those that are specific in their spanking tastes.  As I have always tried to do, I am giving you your money’s worth with each and every new PPV offering.  If you look at the standard spanking PPV prices, you typically pay between $10-20 for way less than an hour’s worth of content.  I tried to be very fair in my pricing and all of our new PPV movies run between 83 and 93 minutes and cost between $12-18 dollars.  There is no better deal for a spanking PPV and clearly, there is no content as hard and as realistic as ours.  Here are the trailers for our recent offerings.  If you see something you like, please consider ordering.  All of these movies are long, with hard content, and represent our very best work over the last two years.

School Paddling Punishments is a unique video that features scenes that recreates school corporal punishment as it is administered in real life throughout the Southern United States. The paddlings administered in this video are very realistic, with many leading to tears. You will witness the real reactions as young ladies feel the sting of a large wooden school paddle applied full force to their young bottoms. Highlights of this video include: - 14 separate scenes, with as many as 1-4 girls being paddled at a time. - 13 different young ladies are paddled, by 3 different male administrators. - Traditional school positions are utilized including bent over a desk, grabbing ankles, hands on knees, and hands on the walls. - Most punishments are administered over tight jeans, but we have also included a locker room paddling over gym clothes, and two punishments that are applied on their bare bottoms. - As a bonus, some scenes show the after effects and the young ladies drop their pants and show their bruised and sore bottoms. - All of the school paddlings show you the face view and the butt view of the paddling, so you are able to see each girl’s unique reaction to her punishment. - This video is 1 hour and 40 minutes in length, with a total of 199 swats applied in a very severe manner. These are not fun, or playful paddlings. This is real corporal punishment, with very real school paddles, swung full force, leaving this young ladies with very sore and bruised bottoms for days.

93 Minutes- $15.00

Girls getting a good whoopin’
When it comes to how corporal punishment is administered in the real world, most young ladies will tell you that they received the belt growing up. This video explores exactly how corporal punishment is actually administered in the homes of the US. This video is 1 hour and 28 minutes long and features 15 different young ladies receive strict and severe corporal punishment with a belt. There is nothing gentle about any of the scenes and the belt is applied full force from the beginning to the end. You will see blistered and bruised bottoms with many of these young ladies crying very real tears. There are both bare bottom and over the jeans whoopins applied, and for many of you out there, this will bring back very real memories.

87 Minutes- $12.00

Naked, Embarrassed, and Exposed, Part 1
There are those times is which a basic spanking is just not enough to get the point across. Some punishments require the addition of something else to make that spanking truly memorable. This 90 minute production features punishments in which naughty young ladies are required to strip fully naked for a very embarrassing punishment. From single girl punishments, all the way up to four girls being spanked at one time, they are required to assume exposed and embarrassing positions while hard corporal punishment is applied. In most cases, they are left naked and on display in corner time, as a reminder to others as to what happens when they misbehave. Through the use of the hand, belts, straps, paddles, rulers, and the wooden spoon, these young ladies learn very real lessons while Naked, Embarrassed, and Exposed.

88 Minutes- $15.00

Naked, Embarrassed, and Exposed, Part 2

83 Minutes- $15.00

Punished to tears- 2015 Part 1
The purpose of corporal punishment is to provide enough pain to a young lady’s bottom to teach her a very real and a very proper lesson. The best indicator that a lesson is learned is TEARS. It is not until she is crying like a little girl that we know that the job is done. In this 84 minute video, you will corporal punishment administered as it was intended leaving each and every girl crying. WARNING- this is very real corporal punishment, these are not fun and playful spankings.

85 Minutes- $18.00

All clips available at our store at Spanking Library

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[ Wednesday, July 08, 2015 ]

Making the position part of the punishment during a spanking

I have always stated that I feel that position is a very important part of a punishment spanking.  Previously I have discussed the importance of her properly presenting her bottom, as I feel this really helps her with ownership of her punishment.  Today I am going to dive a little deeper into how much position can really help with the overall effectiveness of the punishment.  For the purposes of this discussion I am not fully addressing which position is best for which implement, but more how to make the position part of the punishment itself.

spanking picture

If you think that all positions are equal, you are doing a great disservice to the person whose behavior requires the punishment.  Our goal as disciplinarians is to provide an event that will not only punish someone for their current behavior, but to serve as a reminder as to future behavior.  I say “event” because for most of us, we are spanking someone who fantasizes about being spanked.  But within this relationship, we are trying to make things as real as possible and actually create a punishment experience.  This is not an experience that we want them to fantasize about, what we really want is for them to learn from it, and hope that we actually have an influence on their behavior.  So we are not just looking to give them the spanking that they fantasize about, but to create a punishment “event” that will burn into their memory.

spanking picture

I have discussed over the years, many different ways to enhance the overall punishment through the use of corner time, nudity, and various other things that help make a punishment as uncomfortable as possible, but today the focus is on positions.  The easiest spanking in the world for someone to endure is one in which they are simply laid over an object, such as a bed or couch, and allowed to just lay there and endure it.  Even worse are the punishments in which disciplinarians hold the naughty girl down for her spanking.  First of all, it is her responsibility to stay in place for her spanking, not ours, so if you have to hold someone down, they are showing complete and total disobedience and that needs to be addressed. Secondly, why allow her to just lie in a comfortable position for a spanking that she fantasizes about anyway?  To be as blunt as possible, the position should suck for her.  Ask yourself if you are doing the best job possible if she is allowed to be comfortable for her spanking.  Jail sucks, so do the beds in the cells…you do not go to jail and find a tempurpedic mattress in your cell.  They committed their crime, a punishment was handed down, and at no point does comfort become a factor.

spanking picture

I have talked about nudity before, but it is worth talking about again for the purposes of this post.  When someone requires a proper punishment, one that is worthy of being an “event”, you can count on the clothes coming off.  The first purpose this serves is that it reinforces my authority over her.  When she is in trouble, I am not just sentencing her to a spanking, but for the duration of the punishment I am assuming full control over her body.  She has trusted me with the authority, that when she misbehaves, that I will do everything in my power to punish her in a manner that will prevent that behavior in the future.  With that trust and authority, as long as it is safe, sane, and consensual, her body becomes mine to what I want with, for the benefit of the punishment.  She does not get to decide what she wears for her spanking that is now my decision.  Because I care, and I will do whatever it takes to help her, I will choose for her to be naked.

spanking picture

A fully nude punishment adds quite a bit to the overall experience and will help her remember it in the future.  Yes, there are many women out there who are quite comfortable naked.  There are many models that work for me that choose not to put any clothing on in between shoots and just hang out naked as we move lights around and such.  But being comfortable naked, and being comfortable naked in the various positions I have to choose from are two very different things.  But for the typical woman, even one that you are intimate with, being naked in the bedroom and being naked and on display for her spanking are two very different things.  I require her to be naked because I am going to put her in a positon for her spanking that will make her feel embarrassed, vulnerable, and exposed.  Please note there is a strong distinction between embarrassed and humiliated.  I never humiliate someone during a spanking, but if I can make her feel embarrassed, as a result of her behavior, then I will do my best to do so.

spanking picture

Something else that I think is of great importance when it comes to positioning is complete and total discomfort.  She might fantasize about being spanked, but she does not fantasize about being put in a position for her spanking that is a workout in itself to hold.  By bringing in different muscle groups, we can make the position itself a punishment.  Have you ever tried to hold a lunge for very long?  With her hands and feet on the ground and her ass in the air, this position becomes very hard to maintain and is no fun at all.  A assure you that when she masturbates to thought of being spanked, she never once thought about how sore her abs were going to be.
spanking picture

So let’s go into detail about how we can make the position itself part of the punishment.  The first, and most common, is to simply make it a freestanding position.  She is not getting the benefit of being able to lay over something, or even put her hands on something.  This may involve her bending over and putting her hands on her knees, or even grabbing her ankles, but she assumes full responsibility for the position, without anything to support her.  This makes it more difficult to maintain her position during the spanking (which she already should know is a requirement) and also makes her an active participant.  She cannot just check out, let her endorphins kick in, and endure the punishment, she actually has to help.  It keeps her mind on the process and does not allow her to escape into some sort of “sub space”.  She has to stay mentally present in order to stay in position and that is exactly what we want.

spanking picture

Any position can easily be modified to become less comfortable.  Even for the young lady with the benefit of being bent over with her hands on a table, by requiring her to stand on her tiptoes, we have once again brought her mind back to the punishment.  She has an actual task that she must perform while she is being spanked, and as easy as it sounds, her being on her tiptoes adds quite a bit.  At the very least, it tends to start to burn the calves pretty quickly and that in itself adds to the overall discomfort of the punishment.  But if she is being paddled hard, and with each swat she is rocked forward, typically a process that ends with someone back on their heels.  But in this case, she does not have that luxury and she has to remain ultra-focused to make sure her heels do not touch the ground.  Once again, we are bringing her mental focus into play and she cannot just try to suffer through her punishment as she has a job to perform during her punishment.

spanking picture

Many young ladies like a good over the knee spanking, as it tends to be intimate and is not all that uncomfortable.  Just as with the tiptoes, this position can also be easily modified to make her part of the overall process.  For most OTK spankings, the person being punished has their toes touching the ground.  This can often get in the way as it allows them to push forward, which can allow them to easily start to struggle out of position.  In my private life, all otk spankings are given in which the young ladies are required to have the tops of their feet on the ground.  This takes away their ability to push, but more importantly, it is unnatural and requires thought to keep them in that position.  If she finds herself kicking her legs during her spanking, the normal movement would be for her to go back to having the bottom of her foot on the ground.  But this is not allowed, this is not what I require, so she has to stay mentally present to make sure her feet do exactly as I have told her.

spanking picture

Another modification, and one that I use a lot, is to bring elbows and knees into play.  Take any spanking position in which a young lady is supporting herself with her hands, and simply make her elbows go there instead.  If she is bending over, with her hands on a desk to be paddled, make her elbows touch the hard surface with her hands in the air.  This takes away any leverage that she has, so when she is knocked a little off balance from a paddle swat, she cannot just fight the momentum by pushing back with her hands and arms.  With the arm bent, and being on her elbow, all of her leverage has been taken away.  Now her whole body and core become involved in order for her to maintain her position.  Now it is not just her bottom and her brain that are part of the process, her whole body has to work to assist in her discipline.  It is easy to take this a step further and have her place her knees on a hard surface, while her feet are required to be elevated.

spanking picture

Discomfort can be taken to many different levels when it comes to position, far beyond the easy fixes that I just described.  The easiest way to accomplish this is to bring different muscles into play.  As discussed before, a spanking in the lunge position is not an easy thing to endure.  Now her arms, legs, and core have become part of the punishment and fatigue easily sets in.  You can also modify any position by requiring that her arms or her legs be a little bent and not straight.  When we lock our legs out straight it becomes more of support from the joints that support from the muscles.  But when the arms or legs that are supporting us are required to be bent, the muscles have to become part of the process.  Yes, a hard spanking while grabbing her ankles is no walk in the park, but if she is required to bend her knees just the slightest bit, over the duration of her five minute strapping, this all becomes that much more difficult.  Remember, difficult is the very least of what we are looking for.

spanking picture

Ideally, we are going to take all of the above factors and combine them effectively with nudity.  I am not only going to choose a position that is hard to maintain, that requires her to assist, and that is going to bring various muscle groups into play, I am going to make it terribly exposing and embarrassing.  I want to put her fully naked in a position that she would never in her lifetime find herself in.  I am talking about something that exposes all of her naughty bits to the world in a way that she never could have imagined.  I want her to be embarrassed that her behavior brought her to such an exposed and vulnerable position.  I want her to be concerned and embarrassed about how everything between her legs is currently being presented.  I want her to her to fully realize, that at the moment, how and where I choose to present her most private of areas, is fully up to me.  It was her behavior that brought us here, but the rest of this is in my hands.

spanking picture

The spreading of her legs is always going to be the starting point in this type of position.  If the situation calls for it, she is not just going to be presenting her bottom to be spanked, I am going to make sure everything is presented in a very exposed manner.  There is huge sense of vulnerability, when she is bent over for a spanking and her vagina is completely exposed.  She should know by now that I am very accurate with whatever implement I am using, but this still adds a lot, as any stroke that is off just a little bit could indeed hit her vagina.  In addition, and with the hopes of not being too graphic, most women are not all that comfortable in a position in which their butthole is exposed.  However, had she not misbehaved, she would not be before me at this very moment, with her legs spread so wide, that everything is now very exposed.  Even before the first stroke I want her uncomfortable as possible, so if exposing her vagina and butthole helps, then I will include it every time.  Having her spread this wide also allows me (assuming my hand or a very specific implement) access to areas of her bottom that I might not otherwise be able to spank.

spanking picture

This exposure can be greatly enhanced by how far she is required to bend.  Someone presenting their bottoms with wide spread legs, but only bent at 90 degrees at the waist, is still limited in their exposure.  We need to get their hands closer to the ground to really open things up.  This is why you will often see videos I have filmed in which the young lady if kneeling on something such as an ottoman, but her hands are on the ground.  To further enhance the vulnerability of these types of positions, I often require that she arch her back as much as possible.  With spread legs, a greater than 90 degree bend, and an arched back, she is feeling as exposed as she possibly can be.  Hopefully she is embarrassed, hopefully she is miserable, and hopefully she will never want to find herself in this position ever again.

spanking picture

None of this is all that hard if you are willing to just be a little creative.  Maybe she only requires a handspanking today, but it is still our job to do the very best each and every time it is required.  Instead of bending her over that kitchen chair for her handspanking, why not have her straddle that chair leaving her just a little more exposed? 

spanking picture

spanking picture

Maybe she needs a little session in which she is required to lay down on the bed for a long strapping.  Why just lay her down on the bed and get the belt out?  Require her to fully undress before you as you go through your selection of belts deciding which one will hurt the most.  Then lay a few pillows down on the bed, so her ass is nice and high in the air.  But don’t stop there, now it is time for her to spread her legs as wide as she can get them.  We just took a comfortable and effective spanking position and made it embarrassing and exposed.

spanking picture

What about those times in which you take her into your home office and bend her over the desk for a little school type discipline?  Is it really best for her development that you just have her barely bare her bottom and bend over the desk?  We want this to be a punishment that is remembered, not one that just blends in with all of the other spankings she has received.  She needs to get naked and she needs to do it now.  I am putting her completely up on the desk, on all fours, but there will be no hands involved, she will be balancing on her elbows.  Her legs are going to wide enough that her vagina is open and on display for the world to see.  And I am not going to start right away, I am going to let the full physical discomfort and mental embarrassment sink in for a good long time before I ever get started.  If she does not like it…good, then maybe she will get her act together.

spanking picture

It does not have to end there; I will make it as uncomfortable and embarrassing as I possibly can.  What is more embarrassing and uncomfortable than being fully naked, bent completely over, with her legs spread, her back arched, and her legs a little bent…doing so while elevated.  If she thinks that feels vulnerable, then she can assume that same position while standing on a chair.  Now all of her naughty bits that she is embarrassed to have exposed are now at eye level for me.

spanking picture

spanking picture

When we begin to get complacent as disciplinarians then the behavior eventually wins.  When we are simply spanking her when she is in trouble, we are only feeding her fantasies and the behavior just gets worse.  You owe it to that special person, the one you have made this commitment with, to do your very best, with each and every offense and behavior that is presented to you.  You are doing her a disservice by not making each and every punishment as bad as you can make it.  Most people just spank harder, but we need to be better than that.  Yes, it might be football night, or you were about to head out the door for a few drinks with some buddies, but you have to stay committed to providing the discipline that is required, when it is required.  She needs to be naked, uncomfortable, embarrassed, exposed, in a physically demanding position, and generally hating every single part of her punishment, if not, then her behavior is now your fault.

All pictures come from punishment videos in the member’s area of

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[ Monday, July 06, 2015 ]

Tears 2015- Part 1

Our latest PPV- Available now HERE

The purpose of corporal punishment is to provide enough pain to a young lady’s bottom to teach her a very real and a very proper lesson. The best indicator that a lesson is learned is TEARS. It is not until she is crying like a little girl that we know that the job is done. In this 84 minute video, you will corporal punishment administered as it was intended leaving each and every girl crying. WARNING- this is very real corporal punishment, these are not fun and playful spankings. 

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[ Thursday, July 02, 2015 ]

Spanking Story

Many years ago, I am guessing about a decade, on my forum a woman requested that I write a story for her, one based on the fact that she was a military wife who had always dreamed about being in a domestic discipline relationship.  As far as I can recall, this was my first real attempt at spanking fiction.  You will see the same themes that have always held true to me in all of my writings.  I came across this story again recently and thought I would share it with you all.

While she had never admitted it to him, after a few years of hints he began to get the idea that his wife had a desire to be spanked. On more than one occasion, she teased him during an argument with, “what are you going to do, spank me?”. The whole concept was pretty new to him, but when he could find the time, he explored a little on the web to better understand her kink. Just as with his military career, he took on all things with vigor and enthusiasm. He just wasn’t one to approach things half-assed and he wanted to fully understand what it was his wife desired, before he ever tried to attempt spanking her.


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[ Wednesday, July 01, 2015 ]


Spanking machines have come a long way, and there is no doubt that the Spank-O-Matic is leading the charge.  I recently had a couple of naughty girls before me that needed a little work done on their bottoms.  I simply got behind my laptop and took care of things with my mouse.  For those that think that these machines cannot spank hard enough, look below and think again.

spanking picture

spanking picture

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[ Tuesday, June 30, 2015 ]

Domestic Discipline and cooperation during her punishment

spanking picture

The other day I was in a discussion in a domestic discipline chat room, in which a few young ladies were discussing, that based on what they have seen from my videos, that there is no way that they could stay still for their punishment.  I tried to explain that I can be very convincing and that they would indeed hold still for the duration of any punishment with me, at least after the first time they could not hold still.

I feel, especially in the context of a domestic discipline relationship, that it is the responsibility of the person being punished to hold still at all times.  Any wiggling or getting out of position only makes the job of the person applying the discipline that much harder.  If my eyes this is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated for even a second.  In a DD relationship, I have made the commitment to you, to your life, to help you in so very many ways.  I am fully committed to helping you grow as a person, to assist you in the areas that you find difficult or struggle with, and to help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself.  Within the relationship we have put forth some structure, some mutually agreed upon rules, and guidelines that we both feel are best for you as a person.  Within this agreement, we have made the decision that there will be consequences for certain behaviors and actions that you engage in.

For most couples that live an active DD relationship, one of the primary consequences is corporal punishment.  So within this relationship, based on everything I just wrote, a spanking is taking place because it has been earned.  I am not spanking you because I am in a bad mood.  I am not spanking you because I think it would be fun and kinky and would be nice foreplay.  I am spanking you as a direct result of your behavior or actions, ones that we have both agreed that are not best for your overall development and who you really want to be. It is all purely cause and effect and has nothing to do with what I want at the given moment.

So now we are talking about YOUR punishment.  It is something you have earned; it is 100% yours and you need to take full ownership of it.  I am willing to take the time out of my day, at any given moment, to give you the correction that is required.  If this correction involves a spanking, you need to own that as well. You are being spanked because at some point in our relationship we agreed that this is a good punishment for you and serves as a good deterrent in stopping the behaviors that you want to change.  As cliché as it may sound, this is being done for your own good.  To make sure that we get the very most out of each and every spanking, I will require your help.

If your behavior actually warrants a spanking, then I need it to be something that you would not want repeated.  I cannot go easy, I cannot provide some type of warm-up, I need to apply each and every smack to your bottom with the goal of teaching you a very real lesson.  I know it is not going to be easy for you; in fact, it is going to be extremely difficult to endure.  But what are we really trying to accomplish?  We are trying to provide a very painful stimulus, to punish you for what you did, and to prevent you from doing it again.  You are a grown woman, no longer a child, so it is going to have to be a pretty intense experience for learning to actually take place.  When it is over, all will be forgiven, but we both know the best learning takes place if we leave your bottom sore for a couple of days.

So you need to be an active part of this process.  I am going to put you in the position that I feel will be best for the implement that I am using.  By best, I mean the position that is going to allow me to apply the appropriate amount of pain to your bottom.  Your job, being that this is YOUR punishment, not mine, is to maintain that position for the duration of your spanking.  I want to hit exactly where I am aiming, and your moving around makes that more difficult.  Also, depending on the implement that I have chosen to punish you with, too much movement can be dangerous. If I am trying to bruise the “sit spot” on your bottom with a hairbrush, and you keep moving, I may hit somewhere I am not trying to.  But it goes well beyond safety issues.  What we are trying to achieve are results, and your constant moving around only interferes with the process.  We want maximum pain, and maximum soreness, applied as effectively as possible and your cooperation allows for us to get the best results.

So to address the women I was chatting with, who said they would not be able to hold still, I would like to suggest that maybe the men that are applying the punishment have not figured out the proper solution to the problem.  I have found many techniques over the years that tend to be very effective in solving this problem.  The first, is always my go to (assuming I am using an implement in which this is an option) and that is the addition of the thighs during the spanking.  If you are squirming around like crazy as a result of the pain you are experiencing, I will simply and quickly show you how much worse it can be.  A quick dozen to the backs of your legs with my hand or a leather implement, offers instant perspective.  I will calmly and politely inform you of why I just spanked your thighs, and go back to the punishment.  Each time that you move out of place, you will get another dozen on the backs of your thighs.  You will learn very quickly that as much as the spanking is hurting your bottom, it is far better target than your thighs.

While spanking the thighs is quite effective, it does not always solve our little problem and sometimes other methods must be employed.  While this one does not solve things immediately, it tends to over time.  If you cannot hold still during your handspanking, then you get the belt.  If you cannot hold still for your strapping, then it becomes a paddling.  If you cannot hold still for your paddling, you will become acquainted with my heavy wooden hairbrush.  No, when I upgraded implements you did not hold still any better, but the next time you are getting spanked with my hand, there is a good chance that you will remember what happened and you will give a concentrated effort to assist me for the duration of your spanking this time.

The next method is that the spanking simply does not end until I feel you are part of the solution and no longer part of the problem.  I care enough about you that I willing to put in whatever time is required to achieve the desired results.  But part of the desired results is you realizing that we are doing this for you, therefore realizing that you need to help me get it done.  If a two minute handspanking needs to become a ten minute handspanking, as a result of you not stopping the wiggling until the last two minutes, then so be it.  I am fully committed to helping you in any way required, so I will expend the extra energy in order for your future spanking to be more efficient and effective.

The final method, which is similar to the previous one, is to repeat the spanking at a designated interval, until you take full ownership and assist me as you should have the first time.  I tend to wait at least a couple hours, as I want your bottom to have cooled down.  A second spanking right away is always easier than the first as your bottom is warmed up and your endorphins are flowing.  I need the repeat spanking to be on a cooled down bottom and for it to feel like it did the first time.  So, since you were unable to assist me during your last spanking, three hours from now I am going to repeat the exact same punishment, still targeted at the original transgression.  I need you to understand that WE are doing this for YOU, and part of this process is you holding still so I can blister your bottom in the exact manner required.  I understand that it hurts; I understand that it is very hard to hold still, but you will indeed learn to help me.  We may not get the exact results that we are looking for three hours from now, but that is OK, don’t feel bad, we will try again three hours later, then three hours later, and then again three hours later.  If our goals were not achieved today, once again please don’t feel bad, we will start again in the morning.

spanking picture

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[ Wednesday, June 24, 2015 ]

A Domestic Discipline Society

I have been spending some time recently with the good folks over at A Domestic Discipline Society and am really enjoying the company.  While at first glance, the page is a little busy, once you learn your way around, there is a wealth of good information for anyone that is considering the DD lifestyle.  There are tons of articles for the potential HoH and TiH people out there.  I rarely promote other sites here, but I like to point you all to sites worthy of a look.

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